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Our challenge: build a global offer

Our clients require the right strategic, medical and creative partner for global launches in complex disease spaces.

  • We were given the challenge by several of our global clients; set up a global offer that combines our European rare disease, haematology and oncology expertise with that of an American partner, who also holds distinct and niche disease state expertise, bringing strategic, medical and creative to the table – on both sides of the Atlantic.
  • We accepted the challenge.

Our mindsets: healthy sparring partners

Mirroring each other’s mindsets, we found ourselves talking about the same challenges, issues, obstacles and opportunities on both sides of the atlantic – with agency accountability being one worth addressing before we started any endeavour together, we challenged each other to respond to certain critical criteria ;

  • How did we build strategies? Do we follow a distinct process?
  • Do you use brand building tools? How precise did we consider our strategies and approaches? If so, how did we know they were?
  • How did we ensure that our global strategies were relevant, or pertinent with such varying markets/ cultures?
  • How do we build our strategic recommendations?
  • Are our teams and our approaches pragmatic in nature?
  • Do we hold ourselves accountable for our clients successes – and failures?

Why should i work with 2 independent agencies instead of 1 agency network?

  • Like Michelin-star chefs gone rogue, we built our agencies to do something different, to do things better, to be sharper, to deliver more and to create long-term client relationships – based on trust
  • We don’t have any shareholders; we choose our clients and our activities based on our convictions, experience and business instinct
  • We don’t pretend to know what is best for each other’s markets; big agencies often have 1 global (or country) agency team that leads and then smaller network partners that “support” or execute regionally, however the problem is that the country team does not have the required mix of nationalities, market experiences nor cultural understanding required to support a successful global launch
  • Our operational teams are made up of people who have lived in work in other countries, including, France, UK, US, Germany, Canada, Australia, Russia, Scotland, Brazil, Japan, and Israel; we are a team of global players who understand the importance of cultural nuances, bringing to the table distinct regional expertise and experience

How do our agencies work together?


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  • Strategy, Positioning, Voice, Vision
  • Branding, Logo, Concepting
  • Messaging, Detail Aid Master
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